Shoe label branding & identity that allows kids to become their creator & reflect their style.

Trixx & Co

"Thank you! The Design by Bird team understood what we needed for our brand and delivered fantastic results! Can't wait to work with them again in the future."
Tania Rados & Felicity O'Brien


Project Scope
Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Branding & Identity
Point of Sale
Product Development


Trixx & Co is a creative sneaker brand that allows kids to become their creator and customise their fashion.

Design by Bird was commissioned to design the shoe label branding & identity along with a full suite of design collateral. Black and white have become the framework for the brand — the white launch shoe acts as a blank canvas to expressing individuality, with a black brandmark popping from the heel. Colour becomes the hero throughout design collateral, with an expressive burst of spray paint & brushstrokes, expressing the essence of the brand: colour me!

With playful freedom at the brand’s core, these bursts of colour have been coupled with beautifully styled product photography, ensuring that the online experience reflects the quality of the product and attitude of the brand.