The Red Hill Brewery identity and packaging design celebrate a rich heritage and a distinct sense of place.

Red Hill Brewery

Commissioned wood block print by Darren Doye
"The moment we saw the concept coupling the artwork with our hand-written brewer’s notes, we felt it spoke to our sense of place and our commitment to the authenticity of our process and the product."
David & Karen Golding, Owners

Food & Beverage

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Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Branding & Identity

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Rapid Labels
Colna Print and Pak
Darren Doye

A passion for their craft and a love of the land, Red Hill Brewery, Mornington Peninsula’s Original Craft Brewery, sought an adaptive identity that celebrates a rich heritage and distinct sense of place.

Design by Bird has designed a new brewery identity and packaging suite that effectively adapts to a plethora design needs, point of sale, print marketing & digital assets.

With a history instilled in their stable of brews, the artisan’s commitment to their craft commanded an identity that equally reflected their passion for its pedigree and unique setting. Found amongst a revered rolling landscape of vines, orchards and dusty laneways, the brewhouse is bound by two bays.

Defining a modern, bespoke narrative for their well-loved past and craft was critical for Peninsula’s most dynamic brewing crowd. Inspired by the creativity of their brewing expertise, Design by Bird sought to visually define Red Hill Brewery; aligning their creative values, a distinct sense of place, and bespoke approach to brewing.

Darren Doye was commissioned to articulate our vision for the identity and illustrated a piece that was synonymous with the brewery. The illustration, coupled with the handwritten brewing notes for each style created an identity that connected its consumers with the brand’s unique sense of place and artisan brews.